Peaceful places


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  1. Yeah, Until The NSA, And Insane Technology, And Constant Pollution, From A BIG City, Like Dallas, Texas, Near By, and, And, AND!!!! Builds ALL Around YOU! It ALL Looks Peaceful, Until: The Constant Pollution, From BIG Selfish Cities, Like Dallas, Texas, Near By, And Noisy Insane Technology, And Nosy NSA…….Peaceful…..Yeah, RIGHT!!!! And Military Attack Weapons, Used On Their Own Citizens…….I Have Read, That Our Own United States Government, IS Using ITS Own Creepy Military Technology, On ALL Of Us Citizens! Imagine THAT! Noisy Rude Apartment Neighbors, Too! Not One DAY, Of EVER Having ANY Peace, Since That Rude Noisy JERK, Moved In, BELOW ME, In The Apartment, Below! And: IT Gets Built, ALL Around YOU, No Escape! There IS NO ESCAPE! And: There’s This Constant HUM! What IS That Constant HUM, Anyways?!?! What Planet Are YOU On?!?! I’d Like To KNOW, WHAT Planet, YOU Are On, Above! Oh Yeah: The TOXIC Chemical Trails, Too! Let’s NOT Forget, Those TOXIC CHEMICAL TRAILS TOO!

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